learn what you were never taught about love.

Relationships are like a marathon, not a sprint.
Have you trained?

We learn our ABC’s, times tables, and other foundational material during our childhood education.

But, most of us were never taught how to specifically connect and communicate in relationship.


The consequence?

Relationships that struggle and suffer. For years.


However, it is not too late to learn. 

Relationships are like a marathon, not a sprint. 

To go the distance, training is needed.

With guidance and practice, you become stronger, more aware, and better prepared.


ready for a better relationship?

I.E.R. Virtual Trainings:


A certificate will be awarded upon completion

(Training is for singles or couples)



  • Curb conflicts and increase joy
  • Learn how to build a solid foundation for your relationship
  • Obtain the necessary skills to be successful in partnership
  • Train in the DNA for Elemental Relationships Method©


  • Never again feel stuck in a rut in your relationship
  • Hone your intuition to make decisions and resolve conflict quickly
  • Synchronize with the qualities of the elements to create peace and balance in your relationship
  • Evolve in your training with the Elemental Relationships Schematic©


  • Train in the wisdom of our ancestors who have guided us to live in harmony with nature and the vast interconnectedness of our world.
  • This mentorship supports personal development, healing and spiritual growth
  • Explore the potential of graduating as an I.E.R. Trainer. By application only.

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