Curb conflicts and increase joy by learning how to build a solid foundation for your relationship and the necessary skills to be successful in partnership. Begin by training in the DNA for Elemental Relationships Method©

successful relationships

If you’ve arrived here, then trust that deep down…

You know that something needs your attention.


Maybe you’re not sure how to get past this rough patch.

Maybe your partner doesn’t even know what’s bothering you.

Maybe you’re confused about leaving your partner.

Maybe you want deeper connection and intimacy.


Whatever it is, one thing is certain.

You need support to get through it.


We’re all doing a million things.

There never seems like enough time.

The relationship is usually what comes last and suffers the most.


Good people can be in troubled relationships.

In fact, they can be incredibly successful in their career or business.

They can be kind and involved in the needs of their community.

They even possess amazing talents that win them recognition and awards.

Yet, when it comes to relationships, things are simply not working.

Here’s why…

We are not taught how to consciously be in relationship.

It requires a specific set of skills that need to be learned.

Building a house on top of a shaky foundation only leads to a weak structure that is compromised and with time, might even collapse.

A relationship is no different.

But, learning the necessary skills to be in a successful partnership can help you to truly strengthen the structure and have a solid base.


Rebuilding or “remodeling” is much more effective from this place and will help you to go the distance, together.

Ready to take the next step?

couples support


3-month Private Training Program Online

(for singles or couples)

Learn how to build a solid foundation for a relationship and the necessary skills to be successful in partnership.

This goes beyond resolving one conflict, but rather starts to form a way of being and relating that is long lasting.


Level 1 consists of 12 weekly 1-hour training sessions (live) where you will learn the step-by-step approach of the DNA for Elemental Relationships Method©.


This is the necessary foundation upon which to build any relationship.

successful relationships

Level 1 Training Focuses On 3 Key Areas:

1) Specific Communication Skills (conflict-transformation in partnership)


2) Interpersonal Skills (relating to others)


3) Intrapersonal Skills (relating to yourself)



A Few Examples of Training Topics Include:

~ Mastery of S/H/U Communication Model

Learn to curb conflicts and communicate effectively for better interactions.

~ 5 Principal Human Needs

Every negative interaction can be tracked back to these 5 Principal Human Needs.

~ 3 Underlying Fears & How To Overcome Them

Most arguments and disagreements can be pinpointed to these fears.  Learn how to disarm them.

couples support

Upon successful completion, you will be an awarded a certificate from the Institute for Elemental Relationships.

If you wish to continue your training, completion of Level 1: Foundations makes you eligible to enroll into Level 2: Evolution.

“Working with Tisha has been one of the best investments I have ever made in myself, relationship, and my overall well being. I look forward to taking all my personal experience sharing it with others along my journey.”

Ana Maria C.

CEO, Trade Marketing Partners

“I had felt disoriented for a long time and was in search of someone who could help me gain clarity. I now feel happy and motivated to go forth!

Irene Antonioni

Fitness Entrepreneur

Being in an Elemental Relationship is not about falling in love.

It is about growing in love.

It is about being aware, prepared, and skilled.

It is about a paradigm shift in our collective approach to being in relationship.

Ready to learn what  you were never taught about love and relationships?

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Meet I.E.R. Founder & Lead Trainer:

Founder Tisha Lin

As the only daughter of divorced parents, I saw and lived through the painful and damaging consequences of a husband and wife who had never learned how to communicate consciously. Who either avoided conflict and stayed silent, or the other who lashed out in anger and violence.

As a wife and mother myself, I champion my own family to understand one another, and to have compassion for ourselves as well as each other.

20 years as a professional, a former corporate executive, MBA, and entrepreneur, I have sat across from countless respected (or feared) individuals who were not taught how to nurture relationships, communicate effectively, nor lead by positive example.

However, it’s never too late to learn.

~ Tisha Lin

Founder, Lead Trainer & Author

Institute For Elemental Relationships