If you’ve arrived here, then trust that your journey continues…

Because growing and evolving is critical to living a fuller experience in your partnership.

Once you’ve built a solid foundation of knowledge in your relationship, you’re ready to take the next step forward.

As you deepen in your training and practice, you can dive deeper into connection and intimacy with your partner.

As humanity has evolved, partnerships include but also go beyond the goal of reproduction.

Relationships now create a container to support our emotional and spiritual growth.

Our collective legacy is to pass on our growth to the future generation and the world at large.


“The results were extraordinary with Tisha. I feel more grounded and confident in my various roles and relationships. I have a sense of overall well being, and I find myself smiling and laughing more often.”

Melissa R.Z.

Founder, The Shed Panama

Training is necessary to learn what you may not have been taught about love and relationships. Not in school. Not by your primary caretakers.

It requires patience and dedication to nurture your relationship and enjoy the love and beauty that grows from your efforts.


3-month Private Training Program Online

(for singles or couples)

If you care for a pet or plants, you probably feed and water it regularly.

But what would happen if you didn’t?

It would become malnourished and unhealthy, or worse.

A relationship is very much the same.

In order to maintain and continue to have positive interactions with your partner, it requires consistent nurturance, dedication, and attention.


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Once you’ve gained the foundational knowledge and skills in Level 1, you’re ready to learn how to maintain harmony and balance in your relationship to make it truly long lasting.

Level 2 consists of 12 weekly 1-hour training sessions (live) where you will learn the step-by-step approach of the DNA for Elemental Relationships Schematic©.

Level 2 Training Focuses On 4 Key Areas:

1) The Mind: Thoughts & Vision

2) The Body: Sensations & Health

3) Emotions: Purpose & Transformation

4) Energy: Personal Power & Lifeforce

Upon successful completion, you will be an awarded a certificate from the Institute for Elemental Relationships.

If you wish to continue your training, completion of Level 1 and 2 makes you eligible to apply for Level 3: Mastery & Mentorship.

It also explores the possibility of becoming an I.E.R. Trainer.


A Few Examples of Training Topics Include:

~ The 4 Seasons Of Elemental Relationships©

Never again feel stuck in a relationship rut. Discover what is the season of your relationship and how to naturally keep that spark alive and strong.

~ The Wheel Of Elemental Relationships©

Learn how to keep your relationship growing in love. Never feel bored again by upleveling the quality of your connection, joy, and intimacy.

~ Cultivating An Authentic Relationship

Learn how to fully show up in your relationship. Be true to who you are and what you came to the world to do, learn, and experience.

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Featured in:

“Tisha gave me invaluable tools to work on each layer of myself that I discovered along the way. She led me to reconnect with my heart and manifest much of what I had only dreamed of.”

Monica Cantillo

Positive Habits Coaching

“Tisha helped me to improve my interpersonal relationships and I’m deeply grateful for all her support and guidance.”

Gimena De Alba

Personal Style Coach + Manager, Cartier