Do you consider yourself a seeker, a spiritual warrior, or a person looking to make an impact in the world?

With solid skills in your toolbox, you now have the potential to create a powerful and long lasting ripple effect.

successful relationships

Do you know what else suffers when relationships are having problems?

– Children and their emotional health

– Work productivity & the economy

–  The environment and the planet


Here is why…

~ Children living with single parents score lower on measures of academic ability and achievement than do children with two continuously married parents.

~ Women’s household income drops 41% after a divorce, affecting household spending and contribution to the economy.

~ Divorced households used an extra 73 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity and 627 billion gallons of water compared with married households.

(source: comparecamp.com)

Training in relationship knowledge and skills not only helps you, but the world at large.

Your communication and connection impact every single person you relate with in your life. Not just an intimate partner. This in turn is what creates a ripple effect.


3-month Private Training Program Online

(By application for singles or couples)

This mentorship supports personal development, healing, and  spiritual growth.

Train in the wisdom of our ancestors who have guided us to live in harmony with nature and the vast interconnectedness of our world.

Explore the potential of graduating as an I.E.R. Trainer. By application only.

successful relationships

Level 3 Training Focuses On 7 Key Areas:

1) Relationship To Community

2) Relationship To Creativity

3) Relationship To Personal Power

4) Relationship To Self-Love

5) Relationship To Self-Expression

6) Relationship To Your Intuition

7) Relationship To Divine Spirit

A Few Examples of Training Topics Include:

~ The Cross Section of Spiritual & Earthly Relationships

Learn to curb conflicts and communicate effectively for better interactions.

~ Harness The Creative Power Of The 4 Elements

Learn how to use elemental power to create the relationships you most want to have in your life.

~ The Pyramid Of Relationships Method©

Learn how to assess and improve the 7 Universal relationships in your life.

couples support

Upon successful completion, you will be an awarded a certificate from the Institute for Elemental Relationships.

Completion of Level 3 also offers you the opportunity of becoming an I.E.R. Trainer.

“Tisha knows how to dig deep and get to the root of what’s really going on so you can release any negative thoughts, feelings and emotions. She has helped me release blocks and behavioral patterns so I can create space for bigger and better things in my life.”

Nicole Jardim

Author, Fix Your Period

“I had felt disoriented for a long time and was in search of someone who could help me gain clarity. I now feel happy and motivated to go forth!

Irene Antonioni

Fitness Entrepreneur

Being in a relationship allows us to heal while being witnessed with support.

It allows us to write a new story, end painful cycles of the past, and give the future generation a better experience.

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Meet I.E.R. Founder & Lead Trainer:

Founder Tisha Lin

As the only daughter of divorced parents, I saw and lived through the painful and damaging consequences of a husband and wife who had never learned how to communicate consciously. Who either avoided conflict and stayed silent, or the other who lashed out in anger and violence.

As a wife and mother myself, I champion my own family to understand one another, and to have compassion for ourselves as well as each other.

20 years as a professional, a former corporate executive, MBA, and entrepreneur, I have sat across from countless respected (or feared) individuals who were not taught how to nurture relationships, communicate effectively, nor lead by positive example.

However, it’s never too late to learn.

~ Tisha Lin

Founder, Lead Trainer & Author

Institute For Elemental Relationships